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Dirt Monkey Fitting Service


Your preferred vehicle, built to your ideal specification – that’s our goal here at Dirt Monkey Offroad.  We know which components and accessories work well together to enhance your cars’ performance and usability, and thanks to our years of experience working with Land Rovers and other 4x4s we know what it takes to equip a vehicle, not only to exceed its original design requirements, but also to tailor it to your specific needs.

To that end, besides supplying a range of replacement parts and accessories made to our exacting standards, our technicians can also perform all the necessary work to transform your standard car into the perfect work vehicle or off-road toy.  We can advise you on which model of vehicle will best fit what you need from it, and suggest ways it can be modified to make it personal to you.  Or if you already have a clear idea of what your perfect 4x4 will look like, come and share your vision with us and trust our team to make it happen.

Why is it a good idea to come to a specialist Land Rover parts fitting service?  Many motorists have their favourite garage or mechanic who looks after their car for them, and most of these local tradespeople do a fine job of keeping customers’ cars on the road.  But when it comes to equipping a vehicle to go off road, a different set of skills are needed.  If you were planning to scale the Himalayas on foot, you wouldn’t buy your clothes from your usual high street fashion retailer, you would go to a specialist supplier instead.  In the same way, Dirt Monkey are here to prepare your vehicle for adventure.

Land Rover Discovery Fitting Service

For many drivers, the Discovery represents the best balance between a comfortable family car and a capable 4x4.  Our Discovery parts fitting service is always busy, and we have several quality parts available for all models, especially the Discovery 2.  Fitting service technicians can make slight adjustments with a few cosmetic add-ons, or transform your Disco into a trail conquering monster.  Contact us to ask about our best selling parts for your Discovery 2.  Rear bumper fitting services and under car protection are always popular.

Land Rover Defender Fitting Service

As the archetypical ‘building block car’, there could be no better base for your perfect off roader than the Defender.  The name was first used in 1990, but the basic design of the car remained little changed from 1948 right through to 2016.  During that time, the vehicle was produced with various wheelbases, engines, and body styles.  Since many parts are interchangeable between models, and there is a thriving industry producing replacement and improved components for many aspects of the vehicle, the only limit to what can be achieved is your imagination.  Take advantage of our Defender parts fitting service and realise the full potential of your vehicle.

Our goal is to be the best 4x4 fitting service Sheffield has to offer.  Come and visit our workshop, and learn why so many experienced local Land Rover owners wouldn’t turn anywhere else.

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