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Dirt Monkey's New Arrivals

We are happy to announce the latest additions to our range of Land Rover accessories! At Dirt Monkey Offroad, we always strive to offer the widest possible range of protective and functional equipment for off-road vehicles, while maintaining the highest standards of product quality and customer service. Our newest batch of lines include Discovery 3/Discovery 4 stealth rock & tree sliders, and spare wheel carriers for Disco 2 models.

If you are a car enthusiast, you will know how disappointing it can be to see a vehicle fitted with useful or eye-catching aftermarket parts, but then to discover that the same items are not available for your model. By sourcing common add-ons for models across the Land Rover range, or even designing them from scratch when necessary, we provide our customers with the widest possible selection of high-quality off-road parts, with the option to have them professionally fitted at our workshop.

Discovery Wheel Carriers

In order to capture the spirit of off-roading with your Land Rover, wheel carriers on the exterior of the vehicle are a must. In the earliest days of the automobile, it was common for manufacturers to mount a spare wheel on the rear, side, or even front of a vehicle. External spare wheel mounts quickly fell out of fashion for most kinds of cars as aesthetics became more important, but in the world of hard-working, utilitarian all-terrain vehicles, they never completely went away. Since the 1950s, Land Rover’s classic models have featured a raised spare wheel carrier attached to the tailgate or bonnet, and many of the more recent designs from other manufacturers have preserved this functional feature.

One of the first modifications many 4x4 drivers make to their vehicles is a new set of wheels and tyres, with many owners opting for deep offset wheels to increase the track and improve stability. However, the spare wheel carrier on your vehicle is designed to accommodate the standard size of wheel supplied with the car. Disco 2 drivers can fit our new Discovery 2 Raised Wheel Carrier, which is purpose-built to carry ET-35 deep-offset wheels, or our existing HD raised spare wheel carrier when running shallower offset wheels.

Discovery 2 Rear Bumper

Originally, Land Rover rear bumpers were part of the chassis, and were therefore made from robust steel. But the Disco models are designed to look more like passenger cars, and some owners have been disappointed to have their plastic Discovery 2 rear bumpers damaged or torn off entirely by rough terrain.

Our design team were keen to take on the challenge of producing an item which would not only improve protection, but also the look of the vehicle. The new Discovery 2 HD Stealth Rear Bumper is made from structural steel for durability, and bolts straight on to the existing mounting points. But unlike some boxy replacement Discovery rear bumpers, we have taken great care to ensure that this design is one you can be proud of as a feature of your car.

Discovery Tree Sliders

The third iteration of the Discovery model was released in 2004, and this version has recently become widely available on the used market. We are therefore increasing our Discovery 3 range of products for those who think this car could make a good basis for their dream all-terrain vehicle.

If you intend to do any serious off-roading in your Land Rover, tree sliders are likely high on your list of intended modifications. Also known as rock sliders, these parts reinforce and protect the chassis, and can make it possible for a skilled driver to recover the vehicle without assistance even if it becomes high-centred. Our Discovery 3 Stealth Rock & Tree Sliders also form a step for entering and exiting the car, and are available in a range of great-looking finishes. And since the Discovery 4 is based on the same platform as the Disco 3, this premium quality product will fit either model.

Contact our team at Dirt Monkey Offroad if you need any help finding the ideal accessories for your car. We’re always happy to help!

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