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Discovery 2 Rear Bumper Fitting Service

Imagine dropping your car off at your local vehicle service centre, and having it returned to you even better than new! Here at Dirt Monkey Offroad, you don’t have to imagine – we specialise in supplying and fitting parts which will improve the way your Land Rover performs, and will also look great on or off the road. Our stylish new Discovery 2 rear bumpers are a case in point.

Any military officer knows that one weakness in your defences can cost you a battle, or even a war. The same is true when driving off-road; if one part of your vehicle is left vulnerable, the resulting damage can lead to a major failure, and all the expense that goes along with it. Even a missing bumper can make the difference between a momentary mistake resulting in either a slight scuff, or damage to vital components.

Land Rover Discovery Rear Bumper

The original Land Rover’s utilitarian design made use of the rear chassis cross member as a back bumper. Having the thick steel beam flush with the back of the car made sense for the many applications the vehicle was designed to take on, from farm tasks to all-terrain exploration. It made for easy towing, jacking, and recovery, while protection of body panels was not usually a priority.

But with the advent of the SUV sector, Land Rover bumpers had to evolve to meet the needs of a new type of owner. The Discovery model was designed to be as at home in the supermarket carpark as on windswept mountainsides, and therefore many of the car’s priorities had to change. The main job of the Land Rover Discovery rear bumper was now to protect the bodywork from bumps and scrapes, and had to feature every-day usability, with a convenient profile ad no sharp edges. This made the Disco a more rounded-out proposition, but the compromise could be a bit of a disappointment to those who wanted to fully explore their car’s off-road ability. Plastic bumpers are often the first casualties when drivers venture off the beaten track, and aside from being unsightly, the missing protection can leave the vehicle vulnerable to further, more serious damage.

Discovery 2 Rear Bumper

The good news is that, while many features of Land Rovers have changed over the years, one thing which has always remained the same is the design ethos which allows vehicles to be customised and upgraded for a wide variety of roles. This means there are plenty of options for anyone wanting to trade in their stock Discovery 2 rear bumper for something which will offer your car’s mechanical components the protection they deserve. Our Challenger and Stealth Discovery 2 rear bumpers are designed to provide that protection, along with exceptional usability. They conveniently fit to the cars’ existing mounting points, and unlike many of the replacement components available, they’ll also look great once you’re back on tarmac.

Of course, the best equipment on the market wont make any difference if it isn’t fitted correctly to your Land Rover. That’s why we offer our customers a Discovery 2 rear bumper fitting service, so you can be sure the modifications to your vehicle are installed exactly as the manufacturers intended, and so that they will perform just as they are meant to when your out in the wilds. Of course, this isn’t just a Discovery 2 fitting service – we can help with the installation of replacement parts on any Land Rover, or other brand of 4x4. With our wide range of protective parts, you can build your car into a finely honed adventure machine, with no weaknesses!

Drivers of vehicles with professionally fitted parts can embark on every journey with confidence, whether you’re headed for the moors or the mall. Contact us to find out what upgrade services we can offer for your car.

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