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Northern Off Road Club Championship

Dirt Monkey Offroad are proud to announce our partnership with Canterbury Motorsports for the 2022 season of the Northern Off Road Club Championship!

Does this mean you can expect to see our name on TV, on the hoardings at exotic racetracks? Are we going to spend half the year globe-trotting, hobnobbing with celebrities? Don’t worry, we’re staying right here where you need us!

Throughout the summer, Luke will be co-driving for Jim Canterbury in the NORC Off Road Vehicle Championship, an experience which will allow us to promote Dirt Monkey to a wider audience and bring back valuable experience to add value to our service.

NORC Championship

What is the NORC Championship, and how can Dirt Monkey customers enjoy the spectacle?

Getting Into Motorsport

When you mention motor racing, many people immediately think of exclusive sports such as Formula 1, with teams spending millions to travel the world and compete at televised events. The fact is, though, grass-roots motorsport can be far more accessible than most people realise.

Karting, Drag Racing, and Rallycross are all popular types of competition which offer affordable, exciting racing in inclusive, family friendly environments. It’s easy to get involved, make new friends with similar interests, and put your driving and mechanical skills to the test.

The Northern Off Road Club & NORC Championship

The NORC Championship is another race series which offers excitement and camaraderie, and much more too. The Northern Off Road Club is a group which organizes and promotes competitive off roading events across the North of England each summer, with results counting towards a championship which runs throughout the year.

The type of racing is Comp Safari, which involves teams making multiple timed runs over a cross-country off road course over the course of a weekend. Courses can include tracks, fields, woodlands, or any other type of terrain. Critically, there is a vast range of classes to compete in, so everyone from beginners to seasoned competitors can come along, race against vehicles similar to their own, and be in with the chance of winning a trophy. Families, friends and supporters are always welcome!

Off road vehicle championships are arguably even more inclusive than the other formulas mentioned above. Why? You can’t drive a go-kart or a dragster on the public roads, but most Comp Safari racers begin by using whatever 4x4 they already have.

The driving employs transferable skills you might have learned while green laning or at other off roading events. Meanwhile, spectators can check out the modifications and specialist parts used by successful competitors and make similar adjustments to their own vehicles, whether these are used for work or play.

Off Roading Events

Follow Us and Get Involved

If you enjoy off roading, you’ll love the NORC Championship! The club make every effort to make events fun and convenient, including arranging camping and catering venues, and offering opportunities to get involved such as volunteering as a marshall. They are a close-knit community of 4x4 fans, who are always happy to welcome newcomers to the sport.

Canterbury Motorsport were second overall in last year’s championship, so expect a strong showing from Team Dirt Monkey! Far from being just a Land Rover championship, racing is open to all kinds of 4x4s, buggys, and UTVs, so whatever vehicles you like, there will be something for you.

You can check out for venues, dates, and more information. We look forward to seeing you out there!

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