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The advantages of using original parts in vehicle

When a vehicle needs to be repaired, it is ideal to utilise authentic components, which can be found at licensed dealers and repair facilities backed by the manufacturer. This is being done to protect drivers and vehicle users' health, safety, and general well-being.

The potential for getting fake parts has significant implications that may even impact the vehicle's functionality and marketability. The tight quality controls that manufacturers use for these components also result in a different set of benefits.

Reducing the danger of traffic accidents

Faulty products carry a significant risk of failures and breakages that can result in the part's improper performance and worse, accidents. One instance is using fake brake pads, which do not respond well and wear out more quickly.

Help with health care

Before being marketed, legitimate parts must pass several tests. This is the case with cabin air filters, which ensure that they have a suitable filtering capacity to keep certain dust, debris, and hazardous gas particles out of the interior of cars, improving the air the occupants breathe.

Help the environment

The businesses try to provide long-lasting, environmentally friendly products that enable a decrease in the production of trash, waste, and damaging emissions. Additionally, the environment will benefit from removing this garbage when it comes to obsolete replacement parts, proper recycling, and disposal.

Spare parts for Automotors

A genuine spare part guarantees not only the quality and proper functioning of the part in the vehicle but also the reliability and safety of drivers and pedestrians, avoiding the depreciation of a vehicle's value.

Purchasing the required spare parts from authorized dealers and workshops to perform maintenance or repair is ideal. There, the manufacturer's support is offered, which has numerous advantages for drivers and passengers, in addition to the smooth operation of the car.


Land Rover Genuine Parts come with a 12-month warranty. This will cover the price of any replacement or repair for Land Rover Parts UK. Every repair is done in a Land Rover Approved Service Centre with genuine automobile Land Rover parts.

Added extras to a new automobile

Genuine Land Rover components and accessories are created to meet the high standards for dependability and safety. They offer the top response to all service and upkeep requirements. A Land Rover Parts UK Approved Service Centre or dealer will also provide a warranty on any genuine parts or accessories purchased or furnished.

Every approved accessory for Land Rover includes a 12-month warranty. The vehicle warranty will cover accessories installed within one month or 1,600 kilometres/1,000 miles (whichever comes first) following a new Land Rover handover.

In general circumstances

We strongly advise buying only genuine Land Rover parts and accessories for the vehicle since they meet Land Rover's high standards for safety and dependability.

No one can assess the quality of other parts and accessories because Land Rover has not tested and authorized them. The warranty does not cover any damage caused by non-original Land Rover components or accessories.

Warranty for Paint Surface

This warranty guarantees that a Land Rover technician will handle any necessary painting maintenance. Free at an approved service centre.

Regardless of mileage, this coverage is valid for three years from the day one receives the new Land Rover.

Warranty for Corrosion Protection

Any damaged or rusted bodywork on Land Rover will have the affected panels free of charge repaired or replaced by a Land Rover Approved Service Centre.

This coverage is valid for six years after getting the new Land Rover, regardless of mileage or any changes in ownership.

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