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A Guide to Installing Your Land Rover Parts

Little can compare with the excitement of receiving your new Land Rover accessories and preparing to install them on your vehicle. Or, if you are a fan of a different brand of 4x4, you likely feel the same thrill when you unpack the new parts which will make such a difference to the way you can use your car. But getting the most from your new purchase will ultimately depend on your ability to get the new parts to work effectively. Some items are easier to fit correctly than others, so let’s take a look at some of the options available to the off-road vehicle owner who wants to kit out their car.

4x4 Fitting Guide

Using Your Preferred Garage

Some garages specialize in off-road vehicles, but for many the bulk of their work revolves around performing oil changes and tyre replacements on saloon cars and hatchbacks. While there are many competent mechanics in such businesses, be sure to check the work they have done is suitable before you take your Land Rover off road. Install guide information can sometimes be sketchy, and technicians who do not have the relevant experience may not understand how fit Land Rover parts as they are intended to be used.

Fitting the Parts Yourself

Depending on where you get your parts from, 4x4 fitting guide instructions can range from good to poor to non-existent. While some suppliers offer diagrams and/or written instructions, others just seem to assume you will already know how the product is to be mounted. In some cases, that’s fine; for example, fitting a spare wheel mount will usually be a simple off-and-on process requiring nothing more than a socket set. Other items, however, can be trickier. Under-car armour can be incorrectly fitted and no-one may notice until the vehicle suffers serious damage. In other cases, vehicles’ systems have been compromised by over-enthusiastic owners cutting and drilling their pride and joy to mount accessories instead of seeking advice.

Fit Land Rover Parts

That’s why, at Dirt Monkey Offroad, we see it as part of our responsibility to our customers to make fitting information readily available. Many of the most popular products available from our online shop were designed and engineered right here by our team, so no-one is better qualified to guide you in installing them. We are off-road enthusiasts ourselves, so if your wondering how to fit rock sliders to your car, or which fuel tank guard will be the best fit for your model, you can tap into our experience by getting in touch.

Which jobs you will be able to accomplish depends in part on which model you drive. As they are basically a continuation of the original Land Rover design, Defenders bolt together very simply and are a great basis for modifications. Often little more is needed to fit Defender parts than a few spanners. Other Land Rover models are built using modern construction techniques, so it’s advisable to check carefully if you want to fit Discovery parts yourself. Cars from other brands are usually of this later monocoque type construction too, so don’t take any chances when it comes to making modifications.

Using the Dirt Monkey Fitting Service

The best way to ensure your off-road accessories are perfectly fitted is to bring it to the specialists. Our mechanics perform this kind of replacement and upgrade work all the time, and have an excellent knowledge of the common models from all manufacturers. If you’re in a hurry to have the work done, or don’t want to take any chances on the results of your modifications, contact us and see how we can transform your vehicle.

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