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In order to equip your Land Rover or other 4x4 vehicle with the off road parts and high-performance armour which will allow you to take on the most extreme terrain, it is important to know what innovations are available, and where you can go for a great deal on the latest parts and add-ons. Here at Dirt Monkey Offroad, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the accessories which are right for your purposes, and to be able to access any assistance you may need in fitting these parts and using them to their full potential.


To these ends, let’s take a look at some of the more popular off road protection parts South Yorkshire drivers order for their vehicles, and the services available to help transform your car into an unstoppable off road machine!


Rock & tree sliders are one of the first accessories to consider when taking your vehicle way off the beaten track. We all use high suspension and chunky tyres to offer as much ground clearance as possible, but drive off road far enough, and you will eventually encounter obstacles which reach right up to the bodywork. Land Rover chassis are built to be extra strong, but protruding bits of terrain – such as a boulder or tree root – can come into contact with the sills and leave you high centred, with the possibility of panel damage.


Rock sliders provide protection for the most vulnerable areas underneath the car, and allow the vehicle to slide out of trouble if you get hung up. They look great on the car, and many current models pull double duty as a convenient step for passengers.


Differentials are another soft spot underneath your vehicle. The diff casings are the lowest hanging mechanical parts in the centre of the car, and a significant impact can leave you without drive to one of your axles. Front diff guards have to be robust enough to deflect any obstacles you are likely to run into on the trail, and we believe that they are absolutely necessary.


Think of it this way. All Land Rover models boast good angles of approach and departure, so that the bumpers don’t get hung up when the vehicle is at an angle. But there is always the danger of getting high centred, which is why we have rock sliders. However, if you encounter a large obstacle in the centre of your path as you traverse a ridge, what will happen? The rock will come up in the centre of your vehicle, and as you drive forward, your rear diff will bear the brunt of the collision.

Better safe than sorry, be sure to fit a rear diff guard along with your front one!


Other Land Rover Discovery parts available include bumpers, steering guards, fuel tank protectors, spare wheel mounts, and more. Contact our team to enquire about specific items, or why not read about our professional fitting service?

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